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What is the Process for JooTicket Installation?

Installation Manual

Download your JooTicket package by clicking download link from your account
Download JooTicket

JooTicket Package contains:

  • Joomla Component for,Modules folder,README file)

Installation For new installation download only Joomla 1.5 Component for file.
Unpack First your downloaded Joomla 1.5 Component for file.

Login to Joomla Administrator panel and click to Extention ===> Install/Uninstall

Install link

Mode One

Browse file and click Upload file & install


If your site run with PHP Safe mode or max_execution_time is to low you may receive following error:

Upload error

In this case please use the mode Two

Mode Two

Open FTP connection to your Joomla site, locate and open tmp folder and upload to the server.

Go to Extention ===> Install/Uninstall and insert the link(Install from URL:) leading to your tmp folder. ( and click install


After a while you should see screen indicating installation Success
Delete uploaded file from your tmp folder(Important)
Also delete administrator/components/com_osticket/install.sql file

Another Method
First, unzip all of the files locally. Then transfer the files (using FTP) to a folder in the tmp directory (for example /home/demophpsoft/public_html/tmp/com_osticket/) for the you are installing. Then Go to Joomla Installer Extention ===> Install/Uninstall , but select "Install From Directory" indicating the correct folder name. This folder name should be an absolute path from the root of the filesystem(for example /home/demophpsoft/public_html/tmp/com_osticket/) .
Then click on install button.

You will get default JooTicket admin username and password in README.txt,Please change it(very very important).

JooTicket modules/Plugins installation.

From Extention ===> Install/Uninstall browse a module file and click Upload file & install(You will get all the modules in your package Joomla Component for osTicket\Modules\Joomla 1.5.x or Joomla 1.6.x folder)

After Installation now you can access your JooTicket admin panel.

You can find JooTicket admin panel on Joomla admin Menus Components ===> JooTicket


Module configuration

Go To Extentions ===> Module Manager, find JooTicket's module which you have installed, configure and enable.

Assign Menu Items

Go To Menus ===> Choose Menu where you wish to assign JooTicket, and create new menu item with JooTicket menu type

Now you are done!!!

If you have any questions please feel free to submit a ticket Support Ticket

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