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Frequently Asked Questions

How to set up a Joomla menu item to show a JooCart category or product or manufacturer?

1. Goto Joomla Menus->Main Menu
2. Click in "New" button
3. Select Menu type as JooCart Categories or Products or Manufacturers
4. Provide Category path(if you selected Categories as menu type), product_id(if you selected Products as menu type), manufacturer_id(if you selected Manufacturers as menu type) in Options Tab of the Joomla menu item.
5. Save

Category Path:In frontend if you select a category(without seo enabled mode),you will see the category path in browser url.e.g.
Here category path:20_27.So in category path input box you should just provide: 20_27
Same for product_id and manufacturer_id
Also you can see them in browser url when you visit JooCart Admin Panel category or product or manufacturer edit page e.g.
Here product_id:42

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