jCommerce is released for osCommerce


The following changes are included in this release:

  • Joomla 3.x create account issue fix
  • Connect to existing oscommerce site issue fix
  • SSL Issue fix
  • Conflict with Ultimate SEO Addons issue fix
  • Password reset issue fix
  • More secured
  • MySQL Error Functions (Harald)
    Don't pass a null parameter to the MySQL error functions otherwise PHP will display a warning message.
  • UTF-8 Conversion (Harald)
    Also manually convert existing data records to UTF-8 and detect encodings to prevent double encodings. Allow a dry-run to show which queries would be performed.
  • LC_NUMERIC Locale (Harald)
    As LC_ALL is now being used to set the locale, some languages other than English were using commas in float/decimal values which conflicted with MySQL. LC_NUMERIC is now set and forced to the system locale after the main language file has loaded.

JooCart is released for OpenCart 1.5.6 with new features and previous bug fixes.

New Features Added by OpenCart:

Paypal Pro Iframe / Payflow Pro iFrame
PayPal Express Checkout
Amazon Payments
OpenBay Pro

OpenCart 1.5.6 inside

Bug Fixes:

Notice Issue in welcome module
Notice Issue for column right file
klarna payment gateway issue
Frontend Admin Issue
Header Module Search Issue
SSL Issue
Frontend Admin css issue with some templates
Conflict with Other third party issue
User Plugin issue with blank password
Connect to existing OpenCart Issue with different databases

JooCart is released for OpenCart with new features and previous bug fixes.

New Features:

Integration with Joomla(JRoute) SEO URL

Product/Category select joomla menu item for JooCart

JooCart All in One Module(Separate modules also exists)

Integration with Joomla User Profile

Admin Panel for Front end User(Front-end Management)

Header and Footer Module for JooCart

OpenCart inside

Bug Fixes:

Language integration issue with Joomla

SEO URL issue for few some servers

SSL Issue

Checkout page alignment button issue

Joomla Ajax Search template css issue

Admin footer css issue for some Joomla admin templates

Remove cart and Add to cart issue

Joomla user plug-in issue

Site Map issue

Google Product Feed Issue


ADDED By OpenCart Team
View Customers Online
Searchable fields like isbn, upc, eam, etc..
Updated the doctype to html5
Update Authorize.net (AIM) for Shipping information
Added salt columns for better security
Using mCrypt for better encryption security (now requires PHP mcrypt extension).
better image re-sizing. if an images is the correct size it won;t be re-sized.
FIXED by OpenCart Team
Show stock warning only if enabled for individuals products.
Sending mail to customers fails when SSL enabled
Delete address from address book fix
customer_blacklist IPv6 fix
Use default PNG compression level of 6

JooCart is released for OpenCart with new features and previous bug fixes.

New Features:

Options for showing left/right column of OpenCart as well as Joomla modules

Options for changing color of default template

Mobile supported theme

OpenCart inside

Bug Fixes:

Joomla 3.x registration issue

Menu Item id in jQuery url issue


ADDED By OpenCart Team

Klarna Payment Gateway
Product Filters
Categories, Downloads now use auto-complete to select
Updated the upgrade system
Tried to add a system to allow the cart to be passed across multiple domains
Added a system to allow users to decide what mime type files can be uploaded
Altered the system to no longer use binary utf-8 and use general instead.

FIXED by OpenCart Team

set the language class back tot he old style to avoid compatibility problems with extensions
add the load method for language back to the loader class
fixed an issue with deleting categories

jCommerce is released for osCommerce 2.3.2


The following changes are included in this release:

  • Integration with Joomla Seo URL(JRoute)
  • Integration with ckeditor for Admin Products
  • Joomla internal link to product,category,manufacturer in Joomla menu item
  • Joomla access permission for jCommece(acl)
  • Changed customer password forgotten feature to e-mail a personal link to the customer where they can change their password up to 24 hours, instead of directly changing the password to a random string and e-mailing it to the customer.

    Added new password_reset.php page to manage personal password reset links.

    Added new ar_password_reset.php Action Recorder module to log and limit the request of personal password reset links to once every 5 minutes
  • Improve logic of tep_create_random_value() by using Phpass' random number generator.

    If function parameter $type is not 'mixed', 'chars', or 'digits', return a 'mixed' string instead of false.
  • Add openssl_random_pseudo_bytes() and mcrypt_create_iv() to Phpass' get_random_bytes() class method. These are used if /dev/urandom is not availabl

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