JooCart is released for OpenCart 1.3.2


    * Easy installer using joomla Extensions menu(No need ftp to upload files for fresh installation)
    * Works with Jquery,Mootools,Prototype(No conflict mode)
    * Works with most of the joomla templates.
    * Manage OpenCart configuration and OpenCart users from Joomla admin panel
    * Ships with Joomla! modules
    * OpenCart interface displays into native Joomla! content
    * Unlimited Categories
    * Unlimited Products
    * Unlimited Manufacturers
    * Automatic Image Resize
    * Multi Language
    * Product Reviews
    * 20+ Payment Gateways Product Reviews
    * 8+ Shipping Methods Product Ratings
    * Joint joomla login.

Minimum requirements

    * Valid JooCart license purchased through our softPHP STORE
    * Joomla! 1.5 or newer
    * OpenCart v1.3.2
    * PHP version 5.2 or newer
    * MySQL 5 or newer
    * PHP-module CURL active
    * PHP-module SimpleXML active
    * PHP-module JSON active
    * PHP-module mcrypt active
    * encodePHP Loader(Provided with the package.If dynamic dll loading eanbled,then
      it will automatically load the required encodePHP loader)


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