JooCart has been released for OpenCart 1.5.1

NEW functions added by OpenCart:

  • Added New reports
  • Updated how the modules works. Made it easy to code new modules.
  • Updated product caching to improve performance for stores with a large number of products.
  • Select returns from order info page
  • Weight conversions are now done from weight_class_id and not unit.

FIXED issues done by OpenCart:

  • Weight class problem with multiple languages.
  • quote in banner names and modules not working.
  • fix for Can't search UTF-8 words inside product description
  • fix for backup backing up all tables
  • removed manufacturers module and replaced it with one called carousel.
  • should stop problems with site with large numbers of manufacturers.
  • tabs fix for people who can not wait for there admin pages to load.
  • invoice email not being sent when coupon is applied
  • removed redundant data from the zone to geo zone table
  • paypal fix for totals with a minus value.
  • removes the download link when a download has no more remaining downloads.
  • fixed voucher store url missing when vouchers are created in the admin.
  • Poor Data Type Choice in Database fix
  • Invoice data incorrect fix
  • compare price fix.
  • layout not working correctly on information pages.
  • minor shipping calculator fix
  • Messages: sometimes warning, sometimes error

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