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How can i use an existing Opencart website with WooCart?

When you install WooCart ,it installs OpenCart automatically.
So no need to install OpenCart separately.
But if you want to connect WooCart with existing opencart website,you can do this in two ways.
First Method:
Export products from existing OpenCart site to WooCart.See this How can i export OpenCart products from my another site to WooCart?
Second Method:
1.Go to WordPress Menu Settings->WooCart Options.
2.Set No for "Use WordPress Database".
3.Put values for MAIN HTTP_SERVER URL, Database Username ,Database Password ,Host ,Database Name ,Database Tables Prefix of Existing OpenCart site.
4.For digital product's downloads,products images,new extensions etc ,upload them from OpenCart directory to WooCart directory(wp-content\plugins\woocart\).Also enable vqmod if your new extension need vqmod as follows How to install vQMod in WooCart

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