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How to install a new OpenCart extension in WooCart?

Download your new extension from OpenCart Extensions
See the Readme file provided with your new extensions.
New third party OpenCart extensions can be installed easily with WooCart as like as OpenCart

For WooCart > = 2.x and OCMOD thrid party extensions:

Install them from WooCart Admin Panel Menu: Extensions->Installer

For other Extensions:

You need to upload the files of your new extension(e.g. language,payment,shipping etc) to your_wordpress_site_path\wp-content\plugins\woocart folder

Steps Need to follow before installing:
If you are using third party extension for (shipping,payments,modules,order total,product feeds) of opencart then hopefully it will work without any issue and modification
If you use other new extensions and it has custom javascript file then you may need to edit your custom javascript file as follows(no need to change any other files,only need to change javascript custom files,ignore any jQuery library files):

1. Replace (no space between $ and .)
$ .

2. Replace (no space between $ and first brace '(' )
$ (

3. Replace ajax url link

4. Replace normla redirect link

5. Add wp-content/plugins/woocart in path url in javascript file for frontend files(e.g. wp-content/plugins/woocart/image/no_image.png)

6. Add ../wp-content/plugins/woocart/admin in path url in javascript file for admin files(e.g. ../wp-content/plugins/woocart/admin/view/image/logo.png)

7. Done

If you are still facing issues then contact with our support team so that they can help you to make it compatible

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