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Soft PHP has created a really great product, with JooCart. I have used VirtueMart for years and have grown tired of its lacking in some areas. I looked into JooCart and I am glad that I did! The user interface is much cleaner and the features that Joocart offers are much better than Virtuemart. JooCart has more reporting tools, and the one page chechout with the sliders is very slick! I will be using JooCart/jCart from now on, on all of my E-Commerce websites!
Posted By: Kimberly
Photobook'em, United States of America
We used JooCart to replace Virtuemart on my client's website— This cart is easy to configure and use, and is very flexible. But even more importantly, Soft PHP's support has been outstanding whenever we had questions. I am recommending JooCart to all my clients who have need of a shopping cart system on their website.
Posted By: Christopher Smith
Owner/WHAM Productions LLC, United States
First of all, what i would like to say about joocart and softPHP is excellent extension for joomla and truly service from softPHP! Joocart is the best joomla E-commerce extension i ever used and it integrate opencart's frontend and backend interface to joomla perfectly. I recommend it to anyone that wish to integrate E-commerce to your joomla site and also anyone that still using virtuemart. Another thing i would like to highlight here is the SoftPHP support service. The support is really amazing and surprising, they answer any questions you asked and provide countless help when you face any problem integrating joocart to your joomla site (they even willing to help to view and edit coding). With their support quality, you have no worry purchasing their product.

At last, again, a million thanks for the softPHP support team for your help. And for people who view this review, i would like to tell you that the joocart extension is worth the money you spend. Thank you.
Posted By: Ricky
Ricky, Malaysia
I'm using JooCart/jCart on several website because my customers needs to combine Joomla + eShop system. For me this is the best and more clean component to use OpenCart inside Joomla. The support is very efficient and reactive. I hope working for a long time with them.
Posted By: Laurent
-, France
I have used JooCart on several sites and found the integration and support exceeds all my expectations every time" Tris Jones - Dronefilmer - Dublin Ireland
Posted By: Tris Jones
Aerial Platform Solutions For Military, Film & Energy Applications, Dublin Ireland
The first time I came across Joocart I was building a site for someone else, I was hesitant to make them pay for a cart when there are carts freely available. After some discussion we found the elegant integration and features of Open cart was too much for us and decided to fork out the money. It turned out, we were more than pleased with the decision, the implementation was perfect and the customer service provided for this extension blew my socks off. This extension and the customer service provided justifies every penny spent, plus some. I was so happy with the choice that when it came time to build my own shop, I did not hesitate to purchase a second license for my own shop.

Both of the shops I set up process payment through and run third party T3 based temples. The placement of files took some adjusting to when installing Opencart plugins, third party open cart plugin instructions operate under the assumtion of running a nonjoomla implementation of Opencart.

Honestly, the only thing lacking, is within OpenCart itself and has nothing to do with this extension, the Opencart reporting kinda sucks and I would rather spend the money buying product than spending the money to upgrade reports.

Overall, I am more than happy with ALL of my interactions with SoftPHP and their JooCart plug-in and I give them 5/5 stars!
Posted By: Michael Curran
Clickerlogic, Denver, Co
I'm very impressed with this project and the developers. For me, this is the most effective, cheap and powerful solution to incorporate a shopping cart into the Joomla CMS.
It was straightforward to set up and even when I did come across a couple of small issues, the support team have been very quick to reply and are still helpful 4 months after the sale. Highly recommended. Excellent support. I can't wait to try the new version.
Posted By: Mark
Joomla Developer, Bristol, UK
JooCart is what the Joomla community has been waiting for. It is an easy to use, fully featured but not overdone shopping cart that picks up the design of the Joomla site that it is installed under. I tried Virtuemart and eventually gave up on it... to many technical issues that required too much skill-set. I want to build businesses and help my customers make money, not write code or move from one troubleshooting issue to the next.

JooCart gives you another linkable menu item type from Joomla to link to the shopping cart home page from the Menu Manager, and other JooCart modules can be installed and enabled that function pretty much as any other Joomla module does. I found the documentation lacking, but this issue is pretty common, so I won't mark SoftPHP down for this first iteration. Technical support was good on the challenges I faced. All in all, a very good experience for me, and I see great potential for future iterations.

Review the cart at If you live in the continental United States, take a look and, if you like blueberries, buy some field fresh blueberries direct to your doorstep while you are there. The blueberries really are absolutely amazing!

Posted By: Ed Seaman
Internet Business Development, -Santa Barbara, California
Jo Cart simply has to be the best invention ever bring the 2 Rolls Royces of CMS and Carts together in one package. The way it intergrates Opencart within your Joomla Template makes our online store look proffesional and part of our site rather than a subdomain that looks totally differnt. The support from Soft PHP is also excellent and they always get back to you with any questions etc.

Worth every penny! 10 out of 10!!!!
Posted By: Tris Jones
Managed WiFi Hotspot Solutions & Associated Products, -Ireland
We purchased the Joocart extension for our Joomla site and have been pleasantly surprised by the excellent support service and by the quality of the software compared to other paid for extensions on the market. Thank you for all your efforts and we will gladly purchase products from SoftPHP again.
Posted By: Bob White
Distibutor of industrial products around the UK, --UK

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