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How to change button,box,text color of jCart?

Go to jCart admin panel,Find a button named "Parameters"(in Joomla 1.5.x) or "Options"(in Joomla 1.6.x-3.x) at the top-right or top-left corner.Click on it(in Joomla >=1.6.x See in Preferences Tab).
Set "Use Joomla buttons" to Yes.
Now you may see your button's color is changed according to Joomla css.

Also you can use jCart color picker plugin to change button,box,text color.
Install jCart color picker plugin ( using menu Extensions->Extension Manager.
Enable this plugin from Extensions->Plug-in Manager.
Go to Admin Panel Components->jCart.
Click on Options(or Parameters)->Preferences Tab.
Set "Use Joomla buttons" to No.
Set "Use Custom color" to Yes.
Now you can use color picker in [Text color],[Button,menu,box color] and [Button,menu hover color].

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