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How do I add a new currency in jCart?

Adding a new currencies is very simple.

  1. Login to the admin panel of your store
  2. Goto Admin->Configuration->Localisation->Currency
  3. Click on the "Insert" icon at the top
  4. Here we can enter the details of our new currency. For this example, I will use "Canadian Dollars"
  5. Currency Title: Canadian Dollar
  6. Currency Code: CAD
  7. Symbol Left: $
  8. Symbol Right:
  9. Decimal places: 2
  10. Value: 1.000000
  11. Click "Save" icon at the top.
Now you should see this currency available in the currency dropdowns on the front page and admin setting areas.
Currency Detail definition:
Currency Title - Can be any title to define your currency.
Currency Code - The ISO Code standard for the currency: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, etc
Symbol Left - This is for currencies that use a left-side symbol like $, £, €
Symbol Right - This is for currencies that use a right-side symbol like Indian Rupees (Rs.)
Decimal Places - This is to show how many decimal places are in the price: $1.75 is 2, $1.749 is 3, etc
Value - This is the amount to multiply against the product prices to get the converted price. This would be based on the exchange rate from your store currency compared to your customer's currency. For example, If you are in USA then your value is 1.000 because $10 product x 1.000 = $10. But if your customer is in CAD and you are selling a $10 USD product, then you need to factor in the currency exchange rate, which is currently: 1.224. So $10 x 1.224 = $12.24 CAD.

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