Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does jCart provide a single login for the CMS Joomla & the OpenCart shopping cart?  
  2. Does jCart support multi-shop?  
  3. Does jCart work with latest version of Joomla! and OpenCart?  
  4. How can i change my page title,description,keywords tags in jCart?  
  5. How can i export OpenCart's products from my another site to jCart?  
  6. How can i export/import or backup/restore database for jCart?  
  7. How can I get my seller to login to my jCart backend without passing through joomla backend?  
  8. How can I upgrade my existing jCart to Latest jCart?  
  9. How can i use an existing Opencart website with jCart?  
  10. How do I add a new currency in jCart?  
  11. How do I add Product Options in jCart?  
  12. how do i use jcart_colorpicker plugin?  
  13. How do I use the multi-shop/multistore feature in jCart?  
  14. How to add a language to jCart  
  15. How to add related products in jCart?  
  16. How to calculate the shipping cost in jCart?  
  17. How to change button,box,text color of jCart?  
  18. How to change language,currency order in jCart?  
  19. How to change product default view from list to grid manually in jCart?  
  20. How to customize or override default template files in jCart?  
  21. How to disable additional currencies from the jCart header?  
  22. How to disable guest checkout in jCart?  
  23. How to hide (using single login for admin) jCart Admin Login page?  
  24. How to install a module in jCart?  
  25. How to install a new OpenCart extension in jCart?  
  26. How to install jCart?  
  27. How to install vQMod for jCart?  
  28. How to remove a third party extension in jCart?  
  29. How to set default country,language,currency in jCart?  
  30. How to set ssl for my site in jCart?  
  31. How to set up a frontend Joomla! menu item to show jCart home?  
  32. How to set up a Joomla frontend menu item to show a jCart custom page?  
  33. How to set up a Joomla menu item to show a jCart category or product or manufacturer?  
  34. How to show a Joomla module inside jCart?  
  35. How to show or hide jCart header,footer,category menu in frontend?  
  36. How to show products in a Joomla content(article) using jCart?  
  37. How to uninstall and Reninstall jCart?  
  38. How to use Joomla buttons instead of jCart default buttons?  
  39. I have another jQuery library,how can I disable jQuery Library of jCart?  
  40. Is "Facebook for OpenCart" business extension working with jCart?  
  41. My cart does not allow me to remove items,either through the module or through the shopping cart page,I used JA T3 Framework with jCart  
  42. My images are not uploading in jCart.  
  43. What are the process of changing the normal link to SEO friendly URL in jCart?  
  44. What is B2B in jCart?  
  45. What is guest checkout in jCart?  
  46. What is multistore in jCart?  
  47. What is the difference between jCart and JooCart?  
  48. What payment methods are included with default jCart download?  
  49. What sales reports are included with default jCart download?  
  50. What shipping methods are included with default jCart download?  
  51. Where should i upload the files of a new OpenCart extension in jCart?  
  52. Which modules are included with jCart?  

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