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How to show products in a Joomla content(article) using jCart?

1. When you install jCart Package, jCart content plugin ( is automatically installed.
2. Make sure it is enabled in Joomla Admin Panel Top Menu: Extensions->Plugins
3.You will see many options(add to cart,description etc) in plugin edit page to show your product in the article.
4.In article put your product shortcode code as follows:
For jCart
[jcart product_id=id]
id should be an integer which is the product id number.You will see it in browser URL of product edit page from jCart Admin Panel.
e.g. [jcart product_id=49]

You can also display a module(e.g. featured,latest,specials etc module) in your Joomla article using following shortcode
For jCart
[jcart extension_id=id]
Here extension_id is the extension file name.If any extension has multiple instances with same file name then provide module id with dot(.) of the corresponding module instance. You can add "_multple_columns" with extension filename too to display more products in a single row. You can get filename and module id from Admin Left Side Menu->Extensions->Modules. Install your required module from there and configure it and save.
Then go to again edit page of that module and look at the url. You will get the extension file name and module id from there. If your url is something like this http://yoursite/administrator/index.php?option=com_jcart&route=extension/module/featured&user_token=sdfsdfsdfsddfds&module_id=28 then see following extension_id
e.g [jcart extension_id=featured]
e.g [jcart extension_id=featured_multiple_columns]
e.g [jcart extension_id=featured.28]
e.g [jcart extension_id=featured.28_multiple_columns]

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