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What are the process of changing the normal link to SEO friendly URL in jCart?

Steps to follow for SEO friendly URL in jCart:

Enable Joomla! SEO URLs
1. Go to Joomla! Global Configuration
2. Set Search Engine Friendly URLs:Yes
a.Use URL rewriting:Yes
b.Adds Suffix to URL:No. If you set it to yes,then put .html,.htm etc for suffix
4. Save

Enable jCart SEO URLs
1. Go to jCart admin panel System->Settings->Server(tab)
2. Set Use SEO URL's: Yes
3. Go to Product or Category page Catalog->Produts [Edit]
4. Go to Data tab and Set SEO Keyword as you want

Creating a Joomla! frontend menu Item
1. Goto Joomla Menus->Main Menu
2. Click in "New" button
3. Select Menu type as jCart->Home
4. Provide Menu Title(e.g. Shop etc),Alias(e.g. shop etc)
5. Go to jCart admin panel,Find a button named "Options" at the top-right or top-left corner.Click on it(See in Preferences Tab). Now provide this jCart Menu ID(e.g. 101) there which you have just created. If you are using multi-language and you have multiple menu id for your shop menu item then put language prefix with equal sign before Item Id with comma separated values(e.g. en=101,nl=222,es=320).If you don't sure,then keep it blank.
6. Save

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