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How to calculate the shipping cost in jCart?

A perfect shopping cart system definitely possess a function of perfect shipping automatic calculation. When the customers visit the shopping cart and want to buy your products ,they need to know the the price of shipping cost generated by the products they buy,which can be calculated automatically and accurately according to the formula.Firstly,the shopping cart software need to know some informations ,for example, the country and location of the customers,the departure point of the products, weight and bulk of the products,necessary shipping time etc. Shopping cart will calculate the accurate shipping price automatically as long as these information are accurate.For example ,A is customer,and is in US,want to buy a product at English shopping cart-C of China. A find what he want at C,and add it into his shop cart.Since the shopping cart have the function of choosing shipping method and automatic calculation,A can view the shipping cost from China to US immediately , but A never know how does it work. Actually the system calculated the price automatically according to the total weight of the products and the price shipping to US.Since the price is various on the basis of different shipping method, the different price must exist among choosing UPS,DHL or FedEX. Usually the relationship between shipping time and price is under inverse proportion. After considering the shipping price and time synthetically , A choose the most suitable shipping method. The next thing is to finish the order with the online payment system.

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