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How to set up Tax(VAT) in jCommerce?

In admin panel: 1. Go to Configuration->My Store
2. Set Display Prices with Tax:true
3. Go to Catalog->Categories\Products
4. Set your product's Tax Class(e.g. Taxable Goods.If you want to create new Tax class then go to Location\Taxes->Tax Classes and create new tax class)
5. Go to Location\Taxes->Tax Zones
6. Insert your new zone if it is not existed there(e.g. Lancashire)
7. Go to Location\Taxes->Tax Rates
8.Edit Tax Rate and select zone(e.g. Lancashire) , If you don't want to use existing rate then Click New Tax Rate and select zone(e.g. Lancashire) and save
9.Now you will see tax rate in front end of j Commerce

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