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How to install new language in jCommerce?

This tutorial is going to show you how to add a new language to your jCommerce site.In order to install a new language:

1) Go to Find your language pack from there or search in google

2) Download the language pack for OsCommerce 2.2 or OsCommerce 2.3 depending on your jCommerce version.

3) Unzip the language pack. Most of such packs consist of a folder called "catalog" that includes "admin" and "includes" folders or just these two folders or one of them. (most of packs also include instructions for you to follow). You can find the two folders with the same names on your server where you installed jCommerce(public_html/components/com_jcommerce). All you have to do is to move them there and confirm the replacement. It is suggested that you always make a backup copy of your files in case something goes wrong.

4) Log into your jCommerce shop admin panel. Go to Localization -> Languages and click "Add new language".

5) Under the "New language" on the right you need to enter the new language with its related data. All these fields should be filled it. Pay attention to the Directory name. It should be the same as in your language pack under public_html\components\com_jcommerce\includes\languages\. The Image field should be left unchanged for most language packs. Save it.

6)Now check whether mod_jcommerce_languages is installed or not in Joomla modules section. If it is not installed then install joomla module in your jCommerce package e.g.Joomla Component for osCommerce\Modules\3.x-4.x) from joomla menu Extensions->Install/Uninstall

7)Publish that module in desired joomla position


1) Not all language packs are complete. Some of them may be missing files or lines. If there any, you can always add the missing files by copying the existing files or lines from files in the public_html\components\com_jcommerce\includes\languages\ folder on your server. For example, if you are getting an error like this:

( ! ) Warning: include(/public_html/components/com_jcommerce/includes/languages/french/modules/boxes/bm_featured.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /public_html/components/com_jcommerce/includes/classes/osc_template.php on line 86 This means that there is a bm_featured.php file missing in your /public_html/components/com_jcommerce/includes/languages/french/modules/boxes/ folder. In order to correct this, copy a file with the same name as the missing file, that is bm_featured.php from your /public_html/components/com_jcommerce/includes/languages/english/modules/boxes/ folder and paste it into the your /public_html/components/com_jcommerce/includes/languages/french/modules/boxes/ folder

2) If you are adding the missing files from the existing English language pack, you may get some names in English. You can translate them manually in your .php files.

3) Some OsCommerce 2.2 templates have image text for buttons which needs to be updated in the buttons.psd file located in the "sources"/"psd" folder of your template package.

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