jCommerce is released for osCommerce 2.3.2


The following changes are included in this release:

  • Integration with Joomla Seo URL(JRoute)
  • Integration with ckeditor for Admin Products
  • Joomla internal link to product,category,manufacturer in Joomla menu item
  • Joomla access permission for jCommece(acl)
  • Changed customer password forgotten feature to e-mail a personal link to the customer where they can change their password up to 24 hours, instead of directly changing the password to a random string and e-mailing it to the customer.

    Added new password_reset.php page to manage personal password reset links.

    Added new ar_password_reset.php Action Recorder module to log and limit the request of personal password reset links to once every 5 minutes
  • Improve logic of tep_create_random_value() by using Phpass' random number generator.

    If function parameter $type is not 'mixed', 'chars', or 'digits', return a 'mixed' string instead of false.
  • Add openssl_random_pseudo_bytes() and mcrypt_create_iv() to Phpass' get_random_bytes() class method. These are used if /dev/urandom is not availabl

JooCart is released for OpenCart with some important features.

NEW features done by OpenCart:
Company ID and TAX ID fields.
VAT number checking.
CKeditor updated to the latest .
Jquery updated to the latest. 
Voucher min/max limits in settings.

FIXED done by OpenCart:
SQL error in install
Bulgarian zones list is incomplete
more here http://www.soft-php.com/joomla-shopping-cart-system.html

JooCart is released for OpenCart

New Features of JooCart:

  • Joomla backend user is integrated with JooCart.Single login.
  • Maintanance mode for JooCart
  • Use Joomla buttons for JooCart option
  • Don't show header,footer,category menu of JooCart option
  • Don't show Admin Login Page of JooCart option
  • Enable vQmod for JooCart option .No need to upload vqmod.Just enable it from this option.


ADDED new features done by OpenCart:

  • Order editing system (This took me 4 months to complete)
  • Integration with maxmind anti fraud system
  • Changed the cart page making it look a lot nicer integrating with reward points and coupons etc...
  • Added the ability to ban customers by IP.
  • Google base availability tag

CHANGED done by OpenCart:

  • Altered the buttons so they are either real buttons or links depending on their function. before i just used css links and js. this was not the best way because it stopped people being able to hit return to submit forms.
  • Mass mail system has been changed so it can send out an unlimited numbers of mails. no need for mail chimp anymore.

FIXED issues done by OpenCart:

  • Just about everything that was wrong with
  • Fixed a bug that stopped emails being sent on some systems.
  • Problem with product options displaying price when prices where only supposed to be displayed for logged in customers.
  • Reward point fix to stop points a customer pays with being removed when you
  • Remove points added to an order.
  • International shipping options are still displayed when a Uk shipping addres fix

JooCart is released for OpenCart includes OpenCart and OpenCart patch  r85-990 which includes all bug fixes up to 2012-April-03


  • Joomla Content Plugin for JooCart(You can add your product in your Joomla article by this plugin)
  • Joomla quick icons module for Administrator
  • Option to disable jQuery library of JooCart(If you are using jQuery library from another third party)
  • Includes latest patch from OpenCart r85-990


  • Product search Plugin(redundant code removed).


  • Shipping method required issue
  • Add to cart issue for Joomla cache 
  • New extension installation issue

See more


JooCart has been released for OpenCart

NEW features done by OpenCart:
Updated the tax system added new functionality to cope with new laws bought about by the US and EU.
Taxes can also be assigned to different customer groups
Added auto complete in the admin for search for products, orders, customers, etc..
Added new payment gateway called Web Payment Software

FIXED issues done by OpenCart:
Added utf-8 helper functions so there is no need for mb extension to be installed.
Page speed rendering issue IE
Multi-Store Layout Change not working for second store



    * Easy installer using joomla Extensions menu(No need ftp to upload files for fresh installation)
    * Works with Jquery,Mootools,Prototype(No conflict mode)
    * Works with most of the joomla templates.
    * Manage OpenCart configuration and OpenCart users from Joomla admin panel
    * Ships with Joomla! modules
    * OpenCart interface displays into native Joomla! content
    * Unlimited Categories
    * Unlimited Products
    * Unlimited Manufacturers
    * Automatic Image Resize
    * Multi Language
    * Product Reviews
    * 20+ Payment Gateways Product Reviews
    * 8+ Shipping Methods Product Ratings
    * Joint joomla login.

Minimum requirements

    * Valid JooCart license purchased through our softPHP STORE
    * Joomla! 1.5 or newer
    * OpenCart v1.5.1
    * PHP version 5.2 or newer
    * MySQL 5 or newer
    * PHP-module CURL active
    * PHP-module SimpleXML active
    * PHP-module JSON active

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